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About Us

Established in June 2001 out of merger and acquisition, the 3,400-employee Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (Group) or JSBC, adopts matrix management supervising eight administration departments, eight business sectors and five subordinate units.

JSBC incorporates 14 television channels, including 2 satellite television channels (Jiangsu Satellite Channel and International Channel), 7 terrestrial television channels (City Channel, Variety Show Channel, Film and TV Channel, Public Channel, Channel Win, Children's Channel and Business Channel), 4 digital pay TV channels (Fashion Channel, Kid's Education Channel, English Education Channel and Fortune Channel) as well as a mobile TV channel (Jiangsu Mobile TV).

In the meantime, JSBC operates 11 radio frequencies, i.e. the General News Radio, the News Radio, the Voice of Jinling, the Jiangsu Communication Broadcasting Network, the City FM, the Classical Music Radio, the Art Radio, the Story Radio, the Healthy Life Radio and the Economy Radio.

In addition, JSBC also runs film studio, cinemas, audiovisual press, aside from newspapers, magazines, websites and affiliating school, widely covering the different sectors of the mass media industry. In this sense, JSBC has acquired advantageous resources to facilitate multimedia operation and multi-channel broadcasting in the domestic and the international markets.

From 2004 to 2008, JSBC is listed among China's 500 Most Valuable Brands. According to the 2008 release, the brand value of JSBC amounts to 5.631 billion RMB, ranking 4th among all media brands in the list.

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